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Bred By: Greg Schumann
Sire: Mini Heat (Heat Wave - Blindside x Showtime x 901)
Dam: Mudcat (900 son x Tattoo)





Bred By: Glen Martin
Sire: Blindside x 271
Dam: Otis x Stud Monkey
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  High Country

Sire: Blindside
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  Flash Mob

Bred By: HJ
Sire: Absolution (linebred absolute)
Dam: Pfeiffer 3111 - Wildman x Wrangler
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DOB: March 2014
Sire: Rampage (Raff 191)
Dam: Schafer Farms B42 (Bean 816)




  Code Red

FB Buck (ABGA Number: 10744758)
Bred by: Urish Ridge Boer Goats
Sire: AABG Maxed Out
Dam: URBG Smoke's Dark Kiss





FB Buck (ABGA Number:10669549)
Bred by: Harmony Hill
Sire: Harmony Hill Cash the Check
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  Pfeiffer 3111
Wildman x Wrangler
Bred by: Pfieffer
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  Situation’s Dam
900 x Yellow Jacket
Purchased from: Henkhaus
Bred by: Kelly
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  Mock 2082
Down & Dirty (Down in Flames) x
Pistol Whip’s mother (Down in Flames x Wrangler)
Bred by: Mock Livestock
Sired by Rampage
  Schafer Farms C165
Sired by A90
Bred by: Schafer Farms
  Schafer Farms B131
Sired by Raff 191
Bred by: Schafer Farms
  Schafer Farms B42
Sired by Bean 816
Bred by: Schafer Farms
  Kelly 249
Top Gun x 900
Bred by: Kelly Meat Goats
  Henkhaus 2030
Bean 9901 x Bean 9901 (Full sib to Irene)
Bred by: Henkhaus Show Goats
  Henkhaus 2208
Shooter x BFMG Kryptonite
Bred by: Henkhaus Show Goats
  1GL Not-So-Plain Jane
Bred by: Glennland Farm
  Sweetie (653)
WRR Mo Butter x White Rail Ranch genetics
Bred by: Todd Maddux
Reference Sires


DOB: March 2015
Sire: Foundation Genetics (Line bred Mozart)
Dam: Pfeiffer 3111 (Wildman x Wrangler)





DOB: March 2013
Sire: Krank
Dam: Kelly 249 (Top Gun x 900)
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    12 Months Old 12 Months Old



DOB: April 2012
Bred by: Schafer Farms
Sire: Raff G191





DOB: February 2012
Sire: Cyanide
Dam: No Step JR daughter




DOB: April 2011
Bred by: Henkhaus Show Goats
Sire: BFMG Kryptonite




  Henkhaus 2014

DOB: April 2012
Bred by: Henkhaus Show Goats
Sire: Bean 9901
Dam: Kryptonite
Full sib to Irene, the Champion doe at the 2011 Texas Wether Buck and Doe Sale



  SRR1 B14 Heat Seeker

Fullblood Buck
DOB: 3/08/2007
Bred by: Shadow Ridge Ranch

  TLB R269 Class Act (LSBG Rock x TLB P215)
Sire: TLB T375 2 Rock
  TLB 257 (LSBG Rock x TLB P222)
  Powell/Holman 2SIS 139N Bingo (2SIS 324M x 2SIS 51K)
Dam: Powell/Holman 132S
  Powell/Holman 69P (2SIS 325M x Powell/Holman 333M)

    Triple Threat

Bred by: Ralph Schafer of Schafer Ranch, Eldorado, TX

Sire: T17
Dam: Schafer S66 daughter


  DCW BJ's Hero

Fullblood buck
DOB: 1/6/2009
Bred by: Widener Boer Goats

  JRA1 Agnews Bo-Howdy* (RYALS Topbrass* x EGGS Macey*)
Sire: DCW Bo Jangle* 
  DCW Lexus* (EGGSonerate* x HART P72 DCW's Freedom*)
  NK N152* (NK O'Yellar x NK L209)
Dam: SGF R2*
  SGF N210 (SGF M17 Styles x SGF Fancy's Trouble)


    WRR Jack Knife

Composite Boer buck
Bred and Owned by: White Rail Ranch

  RAFF Alibi (by Cuda)
Sire: RAFF Black Attack
  AS Sully (Sir, Stallion, Old Man, Colt bloodlines)
  Powell/Holman 2SIS 139N Bingo*
Dam: BDF Miss Kimmy
  BDF M08* (Yabu* x Tsjaka*daughter)
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